What program is Nascar using for iRacing?

iRacing has provided the platform for NASCAR’s first-ever officially sanctioned professional virtual racing series — what is now known as the eNASCAR Coca-Cola iRacing Series — since 2010, and also played a central role in the formation of the eNASCAR iRacing Pro Invitational Series in 2020, which bridged the gap …

What program does iRacing use?

On the first page of the Quick Start Guide, click the blue Download button and follow the rest of the online instructions. First Save and then Run the iRacingInstaller program. Click Next here. Click Next here.

What racing simulator does NASCAR use?

The NASCAR Hall of Fame racing simulators feature a customized version of the iRacing software used by NASCAR premier series drivers to prepare for their upcoming races and in the popular online motorsport simulation service.

Do NASCAR drivers use iRacing?

Professional Racers trust our NASCAR Sim Racing

In fact, in their off-seasons, professional racers such as Dale Earnhardt Jr., Brad Keselowski, and Tony Stewart use iRacing to keep their minds sharp and ready for their next race.

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What do you need for NASCAR iRacing?

PC Computers

  • Operating System. Minimum: Windows 8.1 64-Bit. …
  • Processor (CPU) Minimum: 4 Cores. …
  • Memory (RAM) Minimum: 16GB. …
  • Graphics (GPU) A gaming graphics card with dedicated memory (vRAM) is required. …
  • Storage (Available HDD Space) Minimum: 25GB. …
  • DirectX. Minimum: DX11.
  • Controller. …
  • Internet Browser.

Can you use a laptop for iRacing?

You can run iRacing on a laptop, but you will need to have at least the minimum recommended specs. In order to get decent framerates and a stable playing experience overall, you’ll want to have at least a 6-core CPU and 16GB of RAM, along with 4GB of VRAM.

Is iRacing the most realistic sim?

iRacing was released 12 years ago, and still remains at the top of all sim racers. … iRacing has been quoted to have the best online play and realistic car physics, while its competitors, F1, Gran Turismo, and Assetto Corsa have all been downgraded for slipping too much and not having realistic vehicle physics.

Is iRacing NASCAR realistic?

“First of all, it is extremely realistic,” current NASCAR Cup Series driver Clint Bowyer said this week on a conference call days after competing in the first eNASCAR iRacing Pro invitational Series event. … “iRacing has been perfected,” Bowyer said. “The production is good. The camera angles are good.

How much does a NASCAR iRacing rig cost?

So, all in all, if you’re completely new to gaming and need a complete setup, you’re looking to pay around $560 – $760. And you will always have the opportunity to upgrade your rig in order to get a better, fuller, experience of the best racing simulator on the market!

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How do you get into NASCAR?

Go to your local track

The initial step if you want to qualify as a NASCAR driver is to visit your local racetrack and purchase a pit pass if possible. It doesn’t matter if that racetrack is either asphalt or dirt. If you managed to purchase a pit pass, just go and have a conversation with a person in the pits.

Can you drive a real NASCAR?

NASCAR Racing Experience- the True NASCAR Driving Experience

You can drive a NASCAR race car at the nation’s premier speedways. Drive a race car by yourself or take a NASCAR ride along as a passenger. NASCAR Racing Experience offers timed racing sessions with no lead car to follow and no instructor riding with you.

Who is the best iRacing driver?

The top 10 pro drivers in April’s esports races

  • Max Guenther.
  • Max Verstappen. …
  • Charles Leclerc. …
  • Simon Pagenaud. …
  • William Byron. …
  • Philipp Eng. …
  • Jenson Button. …
  • Mike Epps. He’s far from the biggest name in motorsport, but his recent performances in sim racing have garnered him some much deserved attention. …

Who won the iRacing NASCAR race?

— Keegan Leahy outlasted the Championship 4 field at virtual Texas Motor Speedway on Tuesday night, clinching his first eNASCAR Coca-Cola iRacing Series championship in a thrilling close to the 2021 season.

Can you get iRacing on PS4?

Unfortunately, the answer is no, you cannot run iRacing on your PS4. iRacing is a PC exclusive game, but that’s part of why it’s such a great game!

Do you have to buy cars in iRacing?

You don’t have to buy all the cars and tracks at once and, in fact, many people never buy or very slowly buy additional cars and tracks. Other people buy them all right away but most fall in-between.

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