Are all go kart clutches the same?

How do I know what clutch to buy for my go-kart?

You’ll always want to ensure that you have the ideal gear ratio for your go-kart. The gear ratio is calculated by dividing the number of teeth on the rear sprocket by the number of teeth on the clutch sprocket. For example, if you have a 10-tooth clutch sprocket and a 60-tooth rear sprocket, the gear ratio is 6:1.

What is the difference between 10t and 12t clutch?

Answer: 10t is like a lower gear. Better pulling power. 12t is a higher gear, faster top speed.

Can you run a go-kart without a clutch?

The most simple of karts do not utilize a clutch and do not utilize a torque converter to get power to the wheels. Instead, they utilize a direct drive transmission. A direct drive go-kart is when the crankshaft of the engine is connected directly to the rear axle via two sprockets and a drive chain.

How long does a Go Kart clutch last?

However if it’s improperly installed, driven in abusive conditions (sand, steep terrain, excessive weight in the kart or rear tires taller than 15″), the clutch might only last 20 minutes. Go Karts with rear tires taller than 15″ or an engine larger than 8hp require a torque converter.

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Why does my go-kart take off when I start it?

If your go kart takes off by itself when the engine is started, with no one in the drivers seat, that is an indication that the clutch is badly in need of lubrication. Turn the engine off and park the machine up against a tree or fence to prevent it from taking off when you crank the engine again.

What causes go-kart belt to break?

Go-Kart belt wear is typically caused by one of five things: Wrong belt size installed. Incorrect installation of an asymmetrical belt. Misaligned driver and driven pulleys.

Whats better 10 or 12 tooth clutch?

The difference between a 10-tooth and 12-tooth clutch is that a 10-tooth clutch supports #40/41/420 chains, whereby a 12-tooth clutch supports a #35 chain. Additionally, the 12-tooth clutch also supports a lower gear ratio (5:1) compared to a clutch with a 10-tooth sprocket (6:1).

Which is better 10 tooth or 12 tooth clutch?

10t is like a lower gear. Better pulling power. 12t is a higher gear, faster top speed.

What is the best gear ratio for go-kart?

2. Gear Ratio Chart

Sprocket 8 10
50 6.25 5.00
51 6.38 5.10
52 6.50 5.20
53 6.63 5.30

Why does my go-kart keep dying?

The most common culprits are a closed choke, a dirty air filter, a clogged carburetor or leaking fuel lines. If your go-kart dies when hitting the gas pedal, there are several quick fixes which can help you solve this problem.

Why is my centrifugal clutch smoking?

When a part of your go-kart is smoking, an investigation into the reason is required before more damage occurs. The most common cause, usually the main culprit, is that the clutch is engaging, but it’s not fully grabbing. It is generally due to the engine not being powerful enough to get through the engagement stage.

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Can you adjust Go-Kart clutch?

Once the clutch sprocket and the rear axle sprocket are fully aligned, it’s time to tighten the set screws and the crankshaft bolt. To tighten them simply use the appropriate key/wrench by turning them clockwise this time.