Does Tony Stewart have a private jet?

9. Tony Stewart: Cessna Citation Bravo 550. He may be the bad boy of NASCAR racing, but there’s nothing bad about the Citation Bravo 550, which Tony Stewart calls his own.

How many NASCAR drivers have private planes?

8 NASCAR Drivers Who Fly Planes.

Who is Tony Stewarts pilot?

Other passengers include Joe Jackson, an executive at DuPont and Scott Lathram, Tony Stewart’s pilot.

Does Kyle Busch have a private jet?

N518KB (2016 TEXTRON AVIATION INC 680A owned by KYLE BUSCH GROUP LLC) Aircraft Registration – FlightAware.

Does Jimmy Johnson own a plane?

Johnson owns one of the fastest private jets in existence – a Gulfstream G150. This plane can fly at speeds of over 600 miles per hour. Johnson’s plane is equipped with Honeywell TFE 731-40AR-200G Turbofan engines that produce a thrust of over 4,000 lbs.

Does Dale Jr own a plane?

JRM Air LLC, a subsidiary of Earnhardt’s Mooresville-based JR Motorsports team, owned the plane, federal records show. According to previously released NTSB documents, pilot Richard Pope of Statesville told investigators “he was carrying extra speed on the approach because the airplane ‘slows down so easy.”’

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What is Jeff Gordon salary?

Gordon is one of the most successful race car drivers of all time. Consequently, he has earned over $140 million worth of prize money in his career. His total career earnings are upwards of $500 million.

Does Jeff Gordon own his own plane?

Jeff started racing in the NASCAR Cup Series in 1993, and he quickly discovered that ease of travel was of the utmost importance for his team and himself. While he was actively racing, frequent flying was the only option to meet the needs of his demanding schedule. This led to the purchase of his own aircraft.

Is Denny Hamlin still married?

Denny Hamlin and his wife Jordan Fish haven’t divorced yet. … As per Nicki Swift, Jordan was a former member of the Lady Cats, the official dance team for the Charlotte Bobcats. Denny and Jordan first met each other while she was performing in 2007, reported USA Today.

How much is NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin worth?

According to a report, Denny Hamlin has an estimated net worth of $45 million. The Joe Gibbs driver is sponsored by big brands like FedEx, Toyota, Goodyear, Jordan, Sundco, and Coca-Cola. Hamlin is also a co-owner of the NASCAR team 23XI Racing along with NBA legend Michael Jordan.

Is Chase Elliott a pilot?

Chase Elliott doesn’t only fly by cars on the race track, he also flies high in the sky with his own pilot license.

Do NASCAR drivers fly commercial?

Most of the drivers leave the flying to professional pilots, but Mark Martin is a licensed pilot who often pilots his own Cessna Citation. Martin lives in a unique community near Daytona Beach called Spruce Creek. It’s a fly in community with it’s own airport.

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Does Chase Elliott on an airplane?

The payoff took place on Sunday, December 5, prior to the final day of the inaugural Nitro Rallycross season. Pastrana posted an update on social media that showed him waiting on a runway and wearing a parachute pack. He then showed that Elliott was behind the controls of an airplane.

What kind of plane does Kyle Busch own?

HOW NASCAR DRIVER KYLE BUSCH USES THE LATITUDE TO STAY ON THE MOVE. Discover how the Citation Latitude® jet helps you maximize the value of your flight department. Kyle Busch took a passion for racing and transformed it into a successful career on and off the racetrack.

Do NASCAR drivers fly to races?

But many still fly to the track, like they do for other race weekends and sponsor obligations. It’s usually a safe and super convenient way for people in NASCAR to get around.

How many NASCAR drivers are pilots?

For six current drivers, an airplane is the answer to saving time. Matt Kenseth, Mark Martin, Carl Edwards, Kyle Petty, Bill Elliott, and Greg Biffle have pilot certificates. As a pilot yourself, you have more in common with them than you realize.