Where is the C on Crash Team Racing?

Letter C. The C can be collected in the fireball section mid-way through the track.

Where is the C in Crash Team Racing Papu’s Pyramid?

The C is found at the first shortcut on the track. After the first section with the Piranha plants, jump through the hole in the wall on the outside of the next corner at top speed to make it on top of a pillar with this letter on it.

What are the controls for Crash Team Racing?

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled is a lovingly crafted recreation of the original CTR.


Button input Action
Circle Use power-ups
Square Brake
Triangle Toggle speedometer/boost meter type
Left stick / D-pad left and right Steer

How do you get the C in sewer Speedway?

The C is located at the Turbo Jump that ends the second half-pipe section. To grab it, keep in the middle and Hop off the ramp to collect it.

Where is the mysterious door in Crash Team Racing?

In Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled, there is a mysterious door located next to the Tiger Temple warp pad. Collecting 5 golden eggs throughout the hubs and taking them to the door would unlock King Chicken as a playable character.

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Where is the R in Coco Park?

The R is found on the hill just before the final turn, specifically on the grass on the left side of the track.

Where is the T in Dingo Canyon?

T: The T is hidden right behind the rock formation that the road forks around.

What do apples do in CTR?

Wumpa Fruit, often mistakenly called Apples or Mangos, are the iconic collectible of Crash Bandicoot. In CTR, they are key to improving your arsenal: collect ten and your Pickups will become Juiced Up, making them more potent and dangerous.

How do you jump higher in Crash Team Racing?

Get a Boost at the Start of the Race

Like any good kart racer, CTR has a mechanic for getting a boost off the start line. To do it, press the Accelerate Button to rev the engine up so that your exhaust smoke turns black. If it’s black when the race starts, you’ll turbo off the start line!

How do you jump higher in Crash Bandicoot Nitro fueled?

How to Boost in CTR Nitro-Fueled

  1. At the beginning of a race, you can immediately start off with a Turbo Boost to get ahead of the crowd. …
  2. Press to jump off ramps, bumps in the road and inclines to get ahead. …
  3. Press and hold when going into a turn to jump and begin your slide.

How do you get CTR on sewer Speedway?

CTR Challenge

The T is found in the red-lit section early on where the track splits. Go down the right-hand tunnel and, on the Turbo Ramp, jump right-ish to grab it floating on the left side of the right-hand road.

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How do you get CTR letters in sewer Speedway?

CTR Tokens

C: The C is easy to obtain. It can be found at the jump before the half-pipe section, right in the middle. T: The T is right near the beginning of the track, where it splits into two. Enter the right path, then jump off the side to the right, collecting the T where it floats in the air.

What are the golden eggs in CTR?

The Golden Egg quest was added to the Adventure Mode in November 2019 with the Neon Circus Grand Prix, and added five Golden Eggs to the Adventure Arena hubs, one in each hub. Collect them all, and you’ll unlock the King Chicken character, the first Drift Class character in the game!