Quick Answer: Which F1 driver is friends?

The most notable friendships in Formula 1 in 2021 are Sainz & Norris, Gasly & Leclerc, Ocon & Stroll, and Verstappen & Ricciardo. Other close connections include the Twitch Quartet (Albon, Russell, Norris & Leclerc), Sebastian Vettel, and Mick Schumacher.

Which driver is Lewis Hamilton friends with?

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen are neck and neck, with the Mercedes driver on the cusp of winning his fifth successive world championship, and his seventh in the past eight seasons. But with championships as intense as they are in Formula 1, Hamilton has endured several title rivalries over the years.

Do any F1 drivers hate each other?

Max Verstappen admits that he and Lewis Hamilton sometimes “hated each other” whilst fighting for the title in the 2021 season. … “You look each other in the eye,” Verstappen told the BBC. “You don’t say a lot but you do relate a lot and you really appreciate the fight. “Sometimes we did hate each other, but that’s fine.

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Are Lando and Daniel friends?

“Now he is with Daniel Ricciardo there’s been a mental change because they are not friends. Lando doesn’t want to be a friend and that’s the right attitude to have. … “Lando was so friendly, bubbly and chatty when he first came into F1 and he still is. But has has something now that wasn’t there before.”

Is Max Verstappen friends with other drivers?

In that train of five cars were two of Verstappen’s closest friends in the paddock in the form of Charles Leclerc, who karted with the Dutch driver for many years, and Lando Norris, who is a teammate of Verstappen’s in sim racing with Team Redline and they even won the iRacing Spa 24 Hours together alongside Max …

Are Nico and Lewis friends again?

In an unearthed video while the pair were still teammates, Sky Sports’ F1 interviewer Natalie Pinkham asked Hamilton if he would “mend bridges with his friend”. The driver bluntly replied: “Well, we’re not friends. “We are colleagues and we will work with the team to get as many one-twos and points as possible.”

Has Lewis Hamilton got any friends?

Firstly, most F1 drivers are really only friends with those they came through the ranks with. The only person Lewis came through with was Nico, who he was friends with until they fell out.

Are Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen friends?

Max Verstappen has admitted that he and Lewis Hamilton “sometimes hated each other” this year but that the mutual respect between them remains high. The Red Bull driver said a shared moment after the title was decided at the controversial Abu Dhabi Grand Prix returned their relationship to normal.

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Who is Lewis Hamilton’s best friend?

Angela Cullen has been by Hamilton’s side since 2016 and the pair have become inseparable on the road. Even when the coronavirus pandemic disrupted the 2020 season and the Australian Grand Prix was cancelled at a days notice, Hamilton and Cullen went rock climbing together.

Does Daniel Ricciardo have a gf?


It seems the Australian’s charm stretches beyond the boundaries of F1, as he has been linked to a handful of stunning women in recent years following the end of his long-term relationship with childhood sweetheart Jemma Boskovich in 2016.

Are Ricardo and Norris friends?

In his first two seasons, Norris drove alongside Carlos Sainz at McLaren, where the two became good friends. This season, Daniel Ricciardo is Norris’ teammate.

Are Norris and Sainz friends?

Lando Norris says that he is still good friends with Carlos Sainz, even though their rivalry on track has increased. The two drivers became a popular pairing with fans during their time as teammates at McLaren in 2019 and 2020 given their friendship away from the circuit.

Is Ricciardo and Norris friends?

With both being known for their sense of humour, there were expectations from some that Norris and Ricciardo would be good friends off track. … “We still get on well, we still have good laughs and we’re still good mates and everything,” Norris told RacingNews365.com and other select media.

Are Max Verstappen and Mick Schumacher friends?

“But I never saw him as the record world champion, I wasn’t aware of that. You can see that in the old photos and videos that we have at home.” Jos, Max’s father, and Schumacher became friends driving alongside one another for Benetton in 1994. Fellow F1 driver Mick and sister Gina were also friends with Verstappen.

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Are Carlos and Lando still friends?

Lando Norris revealed that he still remains friends with Carlos Sainz despite the increasing fierce on-track rivalry between the two. Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris became a popular pairing from their time together as McLaren teammates in 2019 and 2020.

Is Lewis Hamilton liked by the other drivers?

Lewis Hamilton has been voted as just the third most popular F1 driver behind his rivals. The Official Global F1 Fan Survey sees Max Verstappen unexpectedly leading the way, with Lando Norris in second.