Your question: How much is a ticket to a Nascar race?

How much are NASCAR tickets? Tickets for NASCAR Cup Series events will generally start in the $30 to $60 range. Xfinity Series tickets usually start at a price between $25 and $50. A starting price of $15 to $40 will usually be able to get you into most of the Gander RV & Outdoors Truck Series races.

How much does it cost to get tickets for Daytona 500?

How much are tickets to DAYTONA 500? DAYTONA 500 ticket packages from On Location start at around $700 per person, with deluxe hotel accommodations, race day transportation, exclusive hospitality access, souvenir, and much more.

How much are tickets to the Daytona 500 2022?

2022 Daytona 500 2022 tickets for the race at Daytona International Speedway are starting as low as $226.00 for seats down low near the track. The cost of 2022 Daytona 500 tickets in seating sections near the start/finish line and in the upper levels of the grandstands will be higher.

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How fast do NASCAR cars go?

How fast are the NASCAR cars? The average top speed of a NASCAR car is just over 321km/h, or 200mph. Compared to a Formula 1 car, this is quite a bit slower, as they hit speeds of 360km/h (223mph). Indycar – another major American racing series – is faster still, reaching speeds of 380km/h (236mph).

How much are tickets to the Coke Zero 400?

Available online or by phone, tickets for the general public to the Coke Zero Sugar 400 start at $49 for adults and $10 for kids 12 and younger. For all ticket information on the Coke Zero Sugar 400, fans can log onto or call 1-800-PITSHOP.

Which NASCAR race is today?

DAYTONA 50011:30 AM – 3:30 PM PSTNASCAR Cup Series at Daytona International Speedway. Watch now on FOX.

Who drives number 34 in NASCAR?

Michael McDowell drives the No. 34 Ford for Front Row Motorsports in the NASCAR Cup Series. McDowell is in his fourth season with Front Row having joined the team prior to the 2018 season. In his 358th career start, McDowell scored his first Cup Series win in the 2021 season-opening Daytona 500.

Are tickets still available for the Daytona 500?

Daytona 500 sold out, but tickets remain. … Daytona International Speedway announced Monday that the 64th Daytona 500 is completely sold out, including all reserved frontstretch seating, RV camping, UNOH Fanzone admissions and hospitality options.

How much does a NASCAR car cost?

NASCAR racing automobiles are a bit pricey. On average, you should expect to pay between $200,000 and $400,000 for a built-up car. The cost-cutting will depend on the budget of the various sponsors and race teams.

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How fast is a NASCAR 0 to 60?

At top speed, race cars can reach over 200 miles per hour on the track. They can go from zero to 60 mph in approximately three seconds. During a race, NASCAR vehicles can reach up to 750 horsepower, whereas a regular car tops out at about 300 horsepower.

How do you get into NASCAR?

Go to your local track

The initial step if you want to qualify as a NASCAR driver is to visit your local racetrack and purchase a pit pass if possible. It doesn’t matter if that racetrack is either asphalt or dirt. If you managed to purchase a pit pass, just go and have a conversation with a person in the pits.

What is the next gen car in Nascar?

The Next Gen was a collaborative project between NASCAR and its stakeholders, and the car is designed to cut costs, help smaller teams close the gap on the big guys, make it cost capable for new ownership to enter the sport and give the manufacturers greater brand identity.

How do they make Coke Zero?

We sweeten Coke Zero Sugar in our bottles and cans with a blend of aspartame and acesulfame potassium (or Ace-K). Together, they create a great taste with zero sugar and zero calories. Yes. Diet Coke in our bottles and cans is sweetened with aspartame.

What is the date of the Daytona 500 in 2022?

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 20 2022 | 2:30 PM ET

The Daytona 500 is the iconic 500-mile NASCAR Cup Series season-opener held annually at Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach, Florida.

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