Best answer: What car is on the cover of NFS Most Wanted?

At the center of the video sits Most Wanted’s hero car, the iconic E46 BMW M3 GTR. It’s immediately recognizable by its trademark blue-on-silver livery that is proudly displayed on the game’s cover art, and now again on a real E46.

What is the cover car for Need for Speed: Most Wanted?

The BMW M3 GTR GT featured in the game and its cover art was recreated in real-life by the Speed Channel television program Tuner Transformation.


The BMW M3 GTR GT (E46) is a race car developed by BMW based on their M3 E46. It competed during the 2001 racing season under both the BMW Motorsport and Team Schnitzer teams, with the car being entered in the GT class of The American Le Mans Championship and the European Le Mans Series.

Who is Rog in NFS Most Wanted?

Rog is a character that appears in Need for Speed: Most Wanted. Rog provides the player gameplay advice and announces Boss Race events from Blacklist members.

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Will there be NFS Most Wanted 2?

Criterion, maker of Burnout and the fabulous Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, is expected to be the developer behind the next released Need for Speed game. …

What car is the BMW from Most Wanted?

Need for Speed: Most Wanted was released in 2005 and it featured a unique hero/cover car – a BMW E46 M3 GTR.

What year is the BMW from Need for Speed: Most Wanted?

Fans of 2005’s ‘Need for Speed: Most Wanted’ rejoice.

The BMW E46 M3 GTR is one of those cars that many automotive fans know and love, but have never seen aside from on the screen while playing Need for Speed: Most Wanted. Now, Young Timers Garage has got its hands on one of the two race cars ever made with a V8.

What does f80 mean?

Description. All homeless shelters require an individual holding a Certificate of Fitness for Coordinator of Fire Safety and Alarm Systems in Homeless Shelters (F-80).

How many M4 are produced?

Only 700 examples of the M4 GTS were made worldwide, with just a mere 30 examples coming to the UK. This was quite fitting, as the M4 GTS was made to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the legendary BMW M3.

How did Frank Mercer get the BMW?

Re: The BMW M3 GTR:where did it go

@Lakelouis Torres shot Mercer in the finale cutscene since you can hear a gunshot. … BMW was gifted to player after finale so the car is most likely left at crash site then being towed away to player’s garage.

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What is a Pontiac GTO?

The Pontiac GTO is an automobile that was manufactured by American automaker Pontiac from 1963 to 1974 for the 1964 to 1974 model years, and by GM’s subsidiary Holden in Australia for the 2004 to 2006 model years. The first generation of the GTO is credited as popularizing the muscle car market segment in the 1960s.

Who is the player in NFS MW?

The Player (also known as Hero) takes the role of a certain protagonist in Need for Speed: Most Wanted and Need for Speed: Carbon. The player participated in a race in Palmont City, where they were racing for Darius against the main crew bosses.

Is NFS Most Wanted open world?

Need for Speed: Most Wanted is an open world racing game developed by Criterion Games and published by Electronic Arts.

Will there be a Need for Speed: Most Wanted 2021?

Release date

Back in November 2020 EA promised investors a new NFS title by March 2022. That timeline is obviously shifting now. It’s unlikely that the delay to the title will move it from the usual November slot back to early 2022. Instead, we may have to hold on until November 2022 for the next game.

What city is NFS Most Wanted?

Most Wanted takes place in the fictional city of Rockport, which consists of three major districts: Rosewood, Camden Beach and Downtown Rockport.